Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program

Based on your feedback, GBTA launched its first ever “immersion” model for Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) program in March 2019. The two-day program showcases renowned academics from high-ranking business schools and top universities. This is the only course for travel professionals focused on business and leadership skills. The “immersive” curriculum integrates meaningful classroom structured learning, combined with an experiential, knowledge-exchange model using real-life challenges and opportunities in the business travel industry.

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The GLP Program offers a wide range of benefits to participants and their organizations, including

  • Engage with network of global peers who value professional development
  • Utilize advanced business principles and best practices
  • Interact with renowned academics and industry experts
  • Develop team approaches and strategies for solving problems
  • Earn recognition for your achievement

Individual Courses:

Individual GLP Courses are designed to address one of the four primary competencies for mid to senior-level industry professionals to expand their knowledge and stay current with the latest trends in the industry.

The four main competencies are:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Finance

Individuals are not required to enroll in the complete program and are welcome to attend any course that is offered.

Accelerating the Innovator Within You

Core Competency: Management

GBTA Convention 2020 – Denver, Colorado

November 7-8

Learn how you can apply innovative solutions to your day to day management problems. Gain unique and ground-breaking answers to your day to day workplace questions.

Dr. David Ricketts, Harvard Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center

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Leading a Corporate Culture of Innovation

Core Competency: Leadership

GBTA Convention 2020 – Denver, Colorado

November 11-12

Through interactive cases and simulations, they will develop an enterprise-level, forward-thinking approach to formulating successful intergenerational teams, and a personal action plan for increasing their leadership effectiveness with peers, direct reports and other stakeholders. 

Sean Martin, Associate Professor of Business Administration (Darden)

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Using Financials for Decision-Making

Core Competency: Finance
October 15-16
Location: TBD

Business leaders gain a solid understanding of financial measurement and valuation tools. This will provide leaders from all backgrounds the skills necessary to communicate effectively on issues relating to finance, accounting and ultimately, their bottom lines.

Dr. Gianna Bern (Notre Dame)

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Courses Registration Rates:

GBTA Members: $995 
Non-Members: $1,355

Certificate of Professional Development:

The Certificate of Professional Development is obtained by successfully completing four courses within twenty-four months (24), including one course in each of the four main competencies.

Successful completion of The Certificate of Professional Development is a prerequisite for the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation.

Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation

Registration Rate: $5,000

The Global Leadership Professional® Designation is the pinnacle of achievement for business travel professionals. This 12-month program consists of several components centered on a collaborative, industry-related project:

  • Begins with a 2-day, on-site session where work groups and projects will be assigned
  • 3 web-based virtual classrooms over a 9-month course
  • Additional instructions and opportunities to work with peers on your assigned project will be provided
  • A final 1-day, on-site session where projects will be finalized and presented at GBTA Convention

Convince Your Boss:

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“The ability to look at things in a larger perspective, networking opportunity with other business experts, the learning experience from a Harvard fellow” - Daisy Francisco, Husky Injection Molding Systems

“The most significant takeaway from this session the framework for creativity and idea generation. The content was taught in such a way that I can easily come back to my organization and use the methodology to further develop organizational creativity and intrapreneurship” - Samantha Bean, LTD Hospitality Group

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