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October 2021

October 1, 2021: Convention Replay: A New Option To Experience GBTA Convention 2021
October 2, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
October 5, 2021: Return to Business Travel and the Changing Role of the Travel Manager
October 6, 2021Check-In With Suzanne: What Will Business Travel Recovery Look Like?
October 7, 2021Spotlight On: Maren Hanschke
October 8, 2021IATA Survey: Frustration With Travel Restrictions Grows
October 9, 2021Why Good Is No Longer Good Enough When It Comes To DEI
October 10, 2021Weekly ICYMI
October 12, 2021Check-In With Suzanne: Education As Our Unsung Hero
October 13, 2021Spotlight On: Allison Ausband
October 14, 2021Help GBTA Recognize The People Who Make A Difference
October 15, 2021GBTA Weighs In: U.S. To Reopen Canada and Mexico Land Borders
October 16, 2021Weekly ICYMI
October 18, 2021The Cheer Heard Around The World For Business Travel
October 19, 2021Check-In With Suzanne: Brighter And Better Ahead
October 20, 2021Spotlight on WINiT by GBTA’s Top 50 Women in Travel
October 21, 2021Business Travel Recovery On The Rise
October 22, 2021Board Spotlight: On DEI And Making More Room At The Table
October 23, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
October 25, 2021: Is The Business Travel Industry Going Back To The Office?
October 26, 2021Check-In with Suzanne: Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard
October 27, 2021Spotlight on: Marilyn Markham
October 28, 2021Further Clarity Comes To The Easing of U.S. Border Restrictions
October 29, 2021The Word On The Street About GBTA Convention 2021
October 30, 2021: Weekly ICYMI

September 2021

September 1, 2021: Spotlight On: Christina Woronchak
September 2, 2021: Business Travel Recovery Poll: Realistic Present, Future Outlook
September 3, 2021: GBTA Ladders: It’s Time To Invest In Our Future
September 4, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
September 7, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Putting Safety First At Convention 2021
September 8, 2021: Spotlight On: Fox World Travel, 2021 WINiT Award Winner for Company Culture
September 9, 2021: Advocating for Business Travel’s Return
September 10, 2021: GBTA Calls For Details On Return To International Travel
September 11, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
September 13, 2021: How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Reshape Corporate Meeting and Event Planning?
September 14, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Adapting is the New Normal in Business Travel
September 15, 2021: Spotlight On: Michelle Ward
September 16, 2021: Board Spotlight: Learning, Adapting and Coming Together
September 17, 2021: GBTA Joins The View from the Top at the Business Travel Conference
September 18, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
September 20, 2021: GBTA Is On The Move
September 21, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: Now More Than Ever, #BusinessNeedsTravel
September 22, 2021: Spotlight On: Mary Kohler
September 23, 2021: Business Travel’s Continued Slowed Recovery, New Travel Program Approaches
September 24, 2021: Getting CLEAR on GBTA Convention Health and Safety
September 25, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
September 27, 2021: "Business needs travel. And so do I."
September 28, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: A New Way To Bring GBTA Convention To You
September 29, 2021: Spotlight On: Silke Koehnecke
September 30, 2021: How The U.S. “TourBus” Wants to Revive Business Travel

August 2021

August 2, 2021: A Four-point Framework for International Business Travel
August 3, 2021: Stepping Through the Door
August 4, 2021: Spotlight On: Jeannette Ross
August 5, 2021: Momentum for International Travel
August 6, 2021: It Pays to Be Heard
August 7, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 9, 2021: WINiT Ramps up for the Future
August 10, 2021: Future of the Workforce in Business Travel
August 11, 2021: Spotlight On: Christina Reichelt
August 12, 2021: A Corporate Pulse Check with GBTA’s Suzanne Neufang on Zeno Labs Live
August 13, 2021: Europe – Pushing Forward on Travel and Green Initiatives
August 14, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 16, 2021: GBTA Allied Leadership Council Elects New Leaders
August 17, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: GBTA and American Airlines Bring Sherpa to Our Members
August 18, 2021: Spotlight On: Katharine W. Farrell
August 19, 2021: Women in Tech, Episode 5
August 20, 2021: The Talk Around Travel Bans
August 21, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 23, 2021: Singapore May Test Business Travel from Some Nations Next Month
August 24, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: The Buzz Around Sustainability and Business Travel
August 25, 2021: Spotlight On: Michelle De Costa
August 26, 2021: Business Travel Continues Moving but COVID-19 Variants Introduce Uncertainty
August 27, 2021: New GBTA Podcast: Travel Bookings, Recovery and the Road Ahead
August 28, 2021: Weekly ICYMI
August 30, 2021: IATA Calls for EU Digital COVID Certificate to Become Global Standard
August 31, 2021: Check-In with Suzanne: A Realistic Present, An Optimistic Future